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The Beauty of Jawlines and How it Can Change Your Facial Harmony

A lot of patients focus on cheeks and forehead lines and so many overlook the importance of a jaw.. The  jaw is crucial to the structure of a well proportioned face. A jaw can give structure and great definition to a face that may feel too soft or too round. 

Dr. Anil Shah is a leading figure in the world of facial plastics because he consistently treats the entire face. When meeting with a patient Dr. Shah treats the patient holistically and gives each patient an individual treatment plan - a plan that never overlooks the jaw. Dr. Shah understands the importance of a well defined jawline. 

There are many ways to ensure a patient has the most structured and defined jawline and one is to build the structure with a robust dermal filler like Volux. Volux is a superior dermal filler for defining sharp and chiseled jawlines because of its thicker consistency making it longer lasting and perfect to build a natural looking contour. The second way is Dr. Shah’s innovative 5 Layer Neck Technique. 

Dr . Shah has perfected his 5 Layer Neck Technique to the point patients have traveled from Europe to see Dr.Shah exclusively for this treatment. What makes the 5 Layer Neck Technique so sought after is that Dr.Shah meticulously sculps each layer of the neck to enhance, define and sculpt the jawline for facial harmony and natural looking results. 

The 5 Layer Neck Technique has been written about in numerous scientific journals and Dr.Shah himself has addressed large audiences during aesthetic conferences while speaking on the topic of this 5 Layer Neck Technique. What is remarkable about this technique is that it is suitable for all diverse ethnicities. Dr.Shah has experience treating patients from every ethnic background, helping them with their aesthetic goals. 

Dr. Shah is patient-centric,  meaning he focuses solely on the patient and their individual needs. When a patient has a consultation to address their jawline Dr. Shah will ensure they’re treated uniquely for their individualized goals whether that is defining their jawline with a filler like Volux or helping them achieve their dream jawline with the 5 Layer Neck Technique. Dr. Shah and his team of highly trained professionals help every patient achieve their goals and leave the office feeling happy, confident and empowered. Book your consultation today. 

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