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The Truth About Reversing Grey Hair


Can You Reverse GREY hair?


While there are various treatments and products marketed for reversing gray hair, scientific research does not yet fully support any specific pill or injection as a reliable solution for restoring natural hair pigmentation on a large scale. However, some studies have explored potential methods and observed occasional improvements:


1. Polydeoxyribonucleotide Injections and Laser Treatment: A case study reported improvement in hair graying in a patient with male pattern hair loss during combined treatment with fractionated thulium laser energy and intra-perifollicular polydeoxyribonucleotide injections. The patient showed an increase in pigmented hair follicles after 12 sessions of treatment, suggesting potential benefits for hair graying [(Choi et al., 2017)](


2. Novel Techniques for Hair Repigmentation: Research on techniques such as hair follicular transplantation, particularly in vitiligo patients, has shown promising results in repigmentation. This approach is based on the presence of undifferentiated stem cells in the hair follicle, which can be a good source of melanocytes for repigmentation [(Goren et al., 2017)](


These studies suggest that while some experimental treatments have shown potential, widespread and reliable methods for reversing gray hair through pills or injections are not currently available. More research is needed to develop and verify effective treatments.


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