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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Get Plastic Surgery?

Undergoing plastic surgery is a significant decision that involves careful planning around recovery and optimal timing. It turns out that winter, with its cooler temperatures and holiday breaks, is a favorite among those looking to enhance their appearance through surgery. The Aesthetic Society’s 2022 report revealed that around 55% of plastic surgeries in 2022 took place at the beginning of the year. That being said, esteemed plastic surgeon Dr. Anil Shah argues there is no “best time” to get plastic surgery. The best approach is to plan the surgery around your own schedule.

Most Popular Time for Plastic Surgery

Winter is often hailed as the prime time for undergoing plastic surgery for several practical reasons. Firstly, the cooler weather makes it easier to stay indoors and comfortably recover away from the harsh elements and social engagements that are more common in warmer months. Winter clothing like scarves, hats, and turtlenecks also comes in handy to discreetly cover any temporary swelling, bruises, or bandages following facial procedures or to conceal body changes as they heal. Moreover, many people find the winter season ideal because they can use holiday vacations for plastic surgery recovery without using much, if any, of their work leave.

The Best Time to Get Plastic Surgery

The best time of year to undergo plastic surgery, however, is the time period that best fits into your schedule. Perhaps you have a big trip planned for the summer, so fall is the optimal time for a surgical procedure, or maybe your relatives are coming to stay with you for the winter holidays, so a summer surgery is ideal. Additionally, with so many jobs offering a work from home component, it is easier than ever to recuperate at home post-surgery without taking lots of time off.

Ultimately, there is no universal "ideal" time for plastic surgery; it greatly depends on your personal circumstances, lifestyle, and commitments. Choosing a time when you can have adequate rest and support is crucial to ensure a smooth recovery. 

Schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Shah to discuss your aesthetic and surgical goals and determine an optimal time for your surgery with Noses and Necks New York.

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