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Dr. Anil Shah and His Expert Team Featured on Russian TV for Excellence in Male Botox



Dr. Anil Shah, renowned for his expertise in aesthetic medicine, recently garnered significant attention on Russian television, highlighting his proficiency in male Botox treatments. Alongside his skilled team member Jessica Cherpurda, they showcased why their practice is a preferred choice among the Russian and Ukrainian communities in Chicago's North Shore.

World-Class Expertise

Dr. Shah, a world-famous plastic surgeon, is particularly noted for his advanced techniques in injectables. He and his team, including the accomplished Jessica Cherpurda, are well-versed in the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine, offering treatments that are both effective and tailored to individual needs. Their expertise was recently recognized on a popular Russian TV channel, bringing their skills and services to a wider audience.


A Welcoming Environment for Russian and Ukrainian Patients


Our office is proud to serve a diverse clientele, including many patients of Russian and Ukrainian origin. We understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and communication, which is why we offer services in Russian to better connect with and serve our community. Our patients appreciate the ability to discuss their aesthetic goals and medical needs in their native language, ensuring clarity and comfort throughout their treatment journey

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