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Dr. Anil Shah: A Journey of Excellence in Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr.Anil Shah is a well respected and heavily sought after New York based surgeon who is known for his artist approach to surgery and his patient focused care.

Dr.Shah has honed his experience completing his residency and fellowship at the prestigious New York University and Cornell University New York Hospital. Under the guidance and tutelage of some of the finest minds in the field Dr.Shah became an assistant professor further advancing his knowledge of the art and science of facial plastic surgery.

Dr.Shah’s accolades extend beyond the operating rooms as he has been published in numerous academic journals and leading educational publications. The New York based doctor has also been featured on the covers of multiple magazines discussing the innovative approaches to facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty. His contributions to the educational field have featured him in over 50 scientific articles - a testament to his dedication to advance the technology and function of facial plastics.

Beyond his accolades among his peers and in the publishing world but is perhaps most important to Dr.Shah is his commitment to patient care. Dr.Shah is dedicated to ensuring each patient receives the utmost individualized care and the greatest attention to detail. His approach is based in empathy, compassion and respect. Each of his patients are paired with a dedicated surgical coordinator who is their guide throughout their entire journey. It is Dr.Shah and his team's goal to ensure each patient is treated with the most respect and understanding so at the end completion of their treatment they feel confident and empowered.

Refine nasal contour, rejuvenating aging skin, and enhancing facial harmony Dr. Anil Shah’s expertise goes beyond surgical skill - it is a holistic approach to beauty, well being, health and wellness. Dr.Shah uses his academic knowledge, meticulous surgical prowess and compassion to redefine the stands of excellence and improve the lives of every patient he treats. Dr.Shah is a step beyond the originary doctor and a level of extraordinary.

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