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Crafting Natural Noses for Asian Patients in NYC with Dr. Anil Shah | Where Tradition Meets Modernity

In the heart of New York City, Dr. Anil Shah stands as a pioneer in rhinoplasty for Asian patients, blending traditional beauty ideals with cutting-edge surgical techniques. Serving individuals from Korea, Japan, the Philippines, China, and Hong Kong, Dr. Shah brings a wealth of expertise and a nuanced understanding of Asian nasal anatomy to the diverse New York area.

Specialized Rhinoplasty for Asian Noses

Dr. Shah's approach to Asian rhinoplasty centers on creating natural, harmonious results that enhance each patient's individual beauty without diminishing their cultural identity. His mastery in the use of costal (rib) cartilage for nasal reconstruction is a testament to his commitment to achieving long-lasting, natural-looking outcomes.

Customized Surgical Plans

Understanding that a "one-size-fits-all" approach does not apply to rhinoplasty, Dr. Shah conducts in-depth consultations to craft personalized surgical plans. These plans are designed to address the specific concerns and desires of his patients from Korea, Japan, the Philippines, China, and beyond, ensuring outcomes that are both aesthetically pleasing and uniquely their own.

The Use of Costal Cartilage

Dr. Shah specializes in the harvesting and use of costal cartilage for nasal reconstruction, a technique favored for its ability to provide structurally sound and aesthetically natural results.


This approach is particularly beneficial for patients who require substantial structural support or revision rhinoplasty.

Services Offered By Dr. Anil Shah

Dr. Shah's expertise encompasses a wide range of rhinoplasty procedures tailored to meet the diverse needs of his Asian patient base:

Primary Rhinoplasty

Sculpting the nose to enhance facial harmony, with a focus on natural-looking results that respect the patient's ethnic background.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Correcting and improving the outcomes of previous surgeries, utilizing costal cartilage for optimal structural support and aesthetics.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Building up the nasal structure, often with costal cartilage, to achieve a balanced, natural profile.

Reduction Rhinoplasty

Refining the nasal shape and size to complement the patient's facial features and aesthetic preferences.

The Shah Advantage for Asian Rhinoplasty

Choosing Dr. Shah for your rhinoplasty means entrusting your vision to a surgeon who values the delicate balance between beauty, function, and cultural identity. His specialized knowledge in the use of costal cartilage, combined with a deep understanding of Asian aesthetics, positions him as a leader in the field.

Patient-Centric Approach

From the first consultation through to recovery, patients are supported by a compassionate and skilled team. Dr. Shah ensures that every individual receives attentive care tailored to their specific needs, making the journey towards aesthetic enhancement a positive and fulfilling experience.

Why Dr. Shah is the Choice for Asian Rhinoplasty

Specialization in Asian Aesthetics

Deep insight into the specific aesthetic preferences and structural characteristics of Asian noses.

Expertise in Costal Cartilage Use

Advanced skill in harvesting and utilizing costal cartilage for natural, durable rhinoplasty results.

Personalized Surgical Plans

Each procedure is customized to achieve outcomes that reflect the patient's identity and aesthetic goals.

Comprehensive Care

A dedicated approach to patient comfort and satisfaction, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.


Hear from satisfied patients who have experienced the transformative effects of Dr. Shah's rhinoplasty procedures, celebrating not only their new appearances but also the respectful, attentive care they received throughout their journeys.GalleryBrowse our gallery of before-and-after photos to witness the natural, beautiful results Dr. Shah has achieved for patients from various Asian backgrounds, showcasing his skill in creating balanced, harmonious nasal profiles.

About Dr. Anil Shah

Dr. Anil Shah, MD, FACS, is a distinguished facial plastic surgeon, renowned for his innovative approach to rhinoplasty. Recognizing the distinct aesthetic and structural nuances of Asian noses, he offers tailored surgical solutions that respect the unique beauty and cultural backgrounds of his patients.
Dr. Anil Shah - Asian American Rhinoplasty Expert - Asian Rhinoplasty

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