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From New York to LA, Dr.Shah Joins Celebrity Stylist Eric Himmel to discuss the Intersection of Fashion and Aesthetics

Dr.Anil Shah, renowned facial plastic surgeon based out of New York took the time to join celebrity fashion expert and sought after stylist Eric Himmel on an interesting podcast where these two leaders in their respective fields came together to discuss the crossover of fashion and aesthetic surgery. 

Both Dr.Shah and Himmel believe that fashion and the realm of facial aesthetics not only mimic and influence each other. Surface level example is what is known in fashion as “BBL fashion” which describes a type of style or garment that is meant to accentuate body’s that have gotten a BBL. Patients are flocking to receive Brazilian Butt Lifts in order to fill out these garments and in exchange these garments are in style to compliment these particular Kardashian-esk bodies. 

In this uniquely captivating podcast episode bridges the worlds of aesthetic surgery and fashion together and studies that influence with a more detailed lens. Dr.Shah shares trends he sees his patients are looking for aesthetically and stylist Himmel shares that his clients are seeking out. 

Together they also discuss the intricate relationship between stylist and client and surgeon and patient. As a stylist it is your job to dress your clients, as a stylist you are the one with the knowledge the education the sense of flow similarly to a surgeon who has studied facial harmony who understands what facial features need to be to achieve symmetry however in a social media heavy world both clients and patients feel that they’ve become the experts that watching Tiktok videos of their favorite celebrity dressing or a patient watching an Instagram reel of her favorite influencer overfilling their lips have given them to education to make aesthetic choices for themselves. Both Himmel and Dr.Shah discuss remaining the expert in a social media world. How do you tell your client that a jacket would overpower that look and how do you communicate to a patient that more filler could result in what is called “pillowface”. Both stylist and surgeon experts in their own fields have jointly experienced this nuanced topic. 

Dr.Shah and Himmel explore more topics pertaining to the close relationship between fashion and aesthetics and what that means for the future. Together they look ahead to speculate and pontificate on how technological advancements and evolving societal values may shape and dictate the world of fashion and aesthetics. 

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