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Who is Dr. Shah?

Dr. Anil Shah is a leading facial plastic surgeon based in New York, specializing in rhinoplasty. He is a pioneer in ultrasonic rhinoplasty and the inventor of several groundbreaking surgical techniques, including pyriform aperture surgery and a complete septoplasty technique that treats the entire septum. Dr. Shah is also known for inventing a pain-free rhinoplasty procedure, which significantly reduces discomfort for patients post-operation. 


Why Choose Dr. Shah for Rhinoplasty?

 Dr. Shah's approach to rhinoplasty is highly specialized. He has performed over 7,000 rhinoplasty procedures and is recognized for his expertise in the field, having authored the definitive book on rhinoplasty and over 50 scientific articles. His innovations in surgical techniques ensure comprehensive results, addressing common issues that often require revision in other practices. 

What is Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty?

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty, pioneered by Dr. Shah, uses ultrasonic tools to precisely sculpt the nasal bones, minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissues. This advanced technique allows for more accurate and delicate modifications with less bruising and swelling compared to traditional methods. 

What is  Pain - free Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Shah's pain-free rhinoplasty technique minimizes post-operative discomfort, allowing nearly 99% of his patients to experience no pain after surgery. This approach contrasts sharply with traditional surgeries, where patients often rely on pain medication during recovery, which can be incapacitating and disrupt normal activities. 

What is 5d Rhinoplasty?

What is 5D rhinoplasty? Dr. Shah developed 5D rhinoplasty to address the five most common issues in rhinoplasty that lead to patient dissatisfaction and the need for revision surgeries. These include deprojection of the nose, reducing nasal hump, correcting deviations, reducing tip size, and adjusting the length of the nose. His comprehensive method ensures a more precise and satisfying outcome from the initial surgery. 

How can I consult with Dr. Shah?

 Initial consultations with Dr. Shah are conducted virtually. This process helps determine if potential patients are suitable for rhinoplasty under his care. During the consultation, prospective patients can discuss their needs, ask questions, and learn more about the specific procedures Dr. Shah recommends. 

How much does Rhinoplasty cost with Dr. Shah?

The cost of rhinoplasty with Dr. Shah is determined during the virtual consultation. Each quote is tailored to the individual's surgical needs and the complexity of the procedures involved. 

Does Dr. Shah address breathing issues during Rhinoplasty?

 Yes, Dr. Shah comprehensively addresses breathing issues in every rhinoplasty procedure. He ensures the preservation of turbinates and focuses on enhancing overall nasal airflow, which can significantly improve the patient's quality of life.

Does Dr. Shah use imaging technology?

Does Dr. Shah use imaging technology? Dr. Shah utilizes 3D imaging technology to provide patients with a clear, realistic preview of the expected results of their rhinoplasty. This technology helps in planning the surgery and setting realistic expectations for the outcome.

Why does Dr. Shah emphasize video consultations?

Why does Dr. Shah emphasize video in patient consultations? Dr. Shah believes in the importance of video because it allows patients to see their potential post-surgery results in a dynamic way. Video can demonstrate how the nose will appear from different angles and in various lighting conditions, ensuring that it looks natural and harmonious with the rest of the facial features. 


 Choosing Dr. Shah for rhinoplasty means opting for a surgeon who has dedicated his career to perfecting the art and science of nasal surgery. His innovative techniques and thorough approach address both aesthetic and functional aspects of rhinoplasty, ensuring high-quality, lasting results. Whether addressing cosmetic concerns or breathing difficulties, Dr. Shah’s techniques provide his patients with not just a new look, but potentially a new outlook on life.


60 East 56th St., #300 • New York, NY 10022

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