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Dr. Anil Shah

Narices y cuellos Nueva York |
Anil Shah MD FACS

Donde la ciencia y la belleza se encuentran

El Dr. Anil Shah es un cirujano plástico facial de renombre mundial que ha revolucionado los enfoques de rinoplastia , estiramientos de cuello y estiramientos faciales realizando más de 7000 rinoplastias y más de 4000 estiramientos de cara y cuello a lo largo de su carrera.


Paciente 01 - Rinoplastia - Nariz 5D - Antes
Paciente 01 - Rinoplastia - Nariz 5D - Después


Paciente 07 - Levantamiento de cuello - Cuello de 5 capas - Antes
Paciente 07 - Levantamiento de cuello - Cuello de 5 capas - Después


Paciente 01 - Rinoplastia - Nariz 5D - Antes
Paciente 01 - Rinoplastia - Nariz 5D - Después


Welcome to
Noses and Necks NYC 

Artistry in Facial Aesthetics At Noses and Necks NYC, we believe beauty transcends the surface—it is a fusion of confidence, grace, and self-expression. Dr. Anil Shah, renowned for his expertise in facial plastic surgery, channels his vast experience from fashion to the forefront of aesthetic innovation to ensure every client feels their absolute best. His unique approach is not just about enhancing features; it's about elevating your self-perception and achieving harmonious results that reflect your individuality.

The Artistic Vision of Dr. Anil Shah Inspired from his formative years in the fashion industry, Dr. Shah developed an appreciation for the aesthetic balance and detailed craftsmanship. This foundation laid the groundwork for his passion in facial aesthetics, where he saw an opportunity to make profound impacts on people's lives through surgical artistry. His mission is simple yet profound: to make accessible the highest standard of beauty enhancements, helping individuals realize their desired self-image.


Specializing in the Delicate Balance of Noses and Necks

In the vibrant city of New York, the pursuit of personalized aesthetic enhancement is robust. Dr. Shah has identified a particular need for specialized attention in rhinoplasty and neck sculpting—areas often overlooked for their complexity and potential for transformation.


5D Rhinoplasty:  Dr. Shah’s pioneering 5D Rhinoplasty technique transcends traditional methods by considering the nose in a multi-dimensional space. This approach allows for a more refined and proportionate reshaping, focusing on reducing the nasal structure while enhancing overall facial symmetry.


Innovative Neck Sculpting: Rather than merely removing tissue, Dr. Shah’s neck sculpting technique emphasizes structural repositioning and restoration. This method prevents the overstretched appearance typical of conventional lifts, aiming instead for a rejuvenated, natural-looking contour that enhances the neck's inherent grace.

A Scholar and Innovator: Dr. Shah’s academic tenure as a former NYU professor and current educator at the University of Chicago underscores his dedication to advancing the field of facial plastic surgery. His contributions to academic literature and ongoing research keep him at the cutting edge of technological and procedural developments, benefiting his patients with the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery.


A Diverse Practice for a Diverse City New York’s melting pot culture reflects in the clientele at Noses and Necks NYC. Dr. Shah’s multi-ethnic background equips him with a deep understanding and appreciation for diverse beauty standards, which is evident in his approach to treatment plans tailored for each individual’s ethnic and personal aesthetic goals.


New York Roots, Nationwide Reach Though his practice is rooted in the heart of NYC, with his office strategically located on Park Avenue and a residence on the Upper East Side, Dr. Shah’s influence spans across the country. His commitment to accessible beauty and aesthetic excellence draws patients from all over the nation. 

Why Noses and Necks NYC?

Choosing Dr. Anil Shah’s Noses and Necks NYC means selecting a practice where your vision is honored, your concerns are addressed, and your beauty goals are achieved with the utmost care and precision. Experience the pinnacle of facial aesthetic artistry with Dr. Shah, where every procedure is a testament to refined skill, personalized care, and transformative beauty. Join us at Noses and Necks NYC, where your journey to self-enhancement will be met with exceptional expertise and genuine care. Discover why Dr. Anil Shah is New York’s preferred specialist in facial aesthetics.



Gracias al Dr. Shah y al equipo por la atención excepcional que recibí mientras estuve bajo su confianza. Desde el momento en que entré, su personal me hizo sentir muy cómoda y a gusto. El equipo Shah escuchó atentamente mis inquietudes y me brindó un tratamiento que produjo resultados INCREÍBLES. Cuatro meses después de mi procedimiento, me estoy recuperando bien y estoy muy satisfecho con el resultado. ¡El Dr. Shah y su personal son realmente algunas de las personas más atentas y 100% centradas en el cliente!

N / A

Me quedo sin palabras con el servicio que me brindaron. El personal y el Dr. Shah son impecables. Excelente servicio y gran trabajo! ¡¡Me encantaron los resultados de mi rinoplastia!! ¡Esperé tanto para encontrar al cirujano adecuado y el Dr. Shah fue ese cirujano para mí! ¡Excelente trabajo!


¡El Dr. Shah salvó mi cara y mi confianza! Después de dos cirugías de senos nasales fallidas y rinoplastias fallidas, el Dr. Shah trabajó en mi nariz con persistencia y paciencia hasta que lo hizo bien. No sólo es un buen cirujano sino que es un hombre amable y amigable. Estuvo preocupado por mi bienestar como persona, no solo como paciente, durante todo el tiempo que pasamos juntos. Mi esposo y yo siempre decimos: “Dr. Shah es increíble, ve a verlo” para cualquiera que esté considerando la reconstrucción de los senos nasales o la rinoplastia o cualquier cosa que incluya estética facial. El personal es amable y servicial.


60 East 56th St., #300 • Nueva York, NY 10022

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