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Treatments of the Jowls

What Are Jowls? 

Jowls, a common facial aesthetic concern, are primarily caused by aging factors that affect the skin and underlying tissues along the jawline. Treatments for jowls vary based on the underlying mechanisms of aging.



1. Jowls develop due to multiple aging mechanisms including fat atrophy, displacement of fat compartments, and structural changes in facial anatomy. Treatments target these specific issues through techniques like fat replacement, facial lifting, and direct excision [(Reece & Rohrich, 2008)](


2. Non-surgical methods such as injections of deoxycholic acid have been shown to effectively reduce mild to moderate jowls by targeting subcutaneous fat above the mandibular border, with procedures evaluated for safety and aesthetic improvement [(Montes et al., 2019)](


3. Advanced techniques using ATX-101 (deoxycholic acid injection) have demonstrated significant improvement in jowl appearance with a generally good safety profile, highlighting its effectiveness in non-invasively reducing jowl fat [(Shridharani, 2020)](



 Jowls are primarily caused by the natural aging process affecting facial fat distribution and skin elasticity. Various treatments, including surgical modifications and non-surgical injections, have been developed to effectively target and reduce the appearance of jowls, restoring a more youthful contour to the jawline.


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