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New York Surgeon Dr. Anil Shah and The Superiority of Volux

Dr. Anil Shah the renowned facial plastic surgeon based out of New York is well sought after not solely for his surgical expertise and skill but also for his injectable prowess. Dr.Shah works only with the best dermal fillers and neurotoxins ensuring his patients receive superior results. 

Dr.Shah lately finds himself frequently injecting with Juvederm Volux. Volux is a superior dermal filler because of its thicker consistency making it ideal for building structure, contouring, and defining. This special dermal filler is also a favorite among patients as its thicker makeup allows the filler to last long without metabolizing or migrating. 

The science behind Volux is that while it is still hyaluronic acid based dermal filler it is exceedingly durable yet malleable enough to mimic the natural look and feel of bone structure when used in deep tissue. Dr.Shah uses Volux to create defined jawlines, chins and facial contours where a firmer base is needed.

Dr.Shah is meticulous at injecting to create natural looking results while still reshaping, highlighting and contouring the face. He is well known in New York as being “patient-centric” meaning he focuses solely on the patient’s individual facial harmony and individualized needs. He will evaluate a patient’s face and undergo a detailed facial assessment taking into deep consideration initial bone structure, skin texture, and their overall aesthetic goals. 

Dr.Shah focuses on the deep layer which is why Volux is the doctors first choice. This method supports the underlying structures and adventures the facial contour. It accentuates the jawline, improving chin projection and perfection facial balance and proportions without the need for surgery. 

Dr.Shah is highly regarded in the New York area because of his conservative hand and natural looking results. He believes each patient deserves a unique injectable plan and their needs are paramount to everything that he does. If you’re looking for a facial evaluation surgical or nonsurgical, reach out to his office today! 

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