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New York’s Premier Surgeon Dr.Shah’s Unique Approach to Under Eye Filler

Dr.Anil Shah is one of the most sought after surgeons in New York because he has been on the forefront of injectables since the introduction of filler in 2005. What makes Dr.Shah’s approach to injectables so different from others is his attention to detail and his artistry with a needle. This “patient- centric” surgeon has a specialized approach to under eye filler that has kept his patients happy, confident and looking amazing. 

Under Eye filler can be exceptionally challenging to execute correctly and naturally. The area under the eye is especially delicate which can cause overfilling, fluid accumulation, visible lumps or even the Tyndall effect which is where the skin develops a bluish hue. Dr. Shah's extensive study of the skin under the eye and facial anatomy gave him the background to create a method to avoid all these potential issues. 

Dr.Shah begins every treatment with an in depth evaluation of the patient’s facial anatomy- a carefully detailed examination of the under eye skin and tissue. From there Dr.Shah meticulously selects with filler would be most appropriate based on the longevity, how delicate the tissue and density of filler- this is all to ensure the most natural outcome. Dr.Shah also performs filler in many cases with a micro cannula in place of a traditional needle. Injection with a mico cannula assists Dr.Shah is placing the filler in the most precise manner and can eliminate the potential risk of bruising and other area trauma. Dr.Shah also takes a layering approach. Having injected for years he understands the complexity of filling and prefers to build volume gradually to ensure the most natural appearance. Natural but noticeable results is what Dr.Shah always aims for. He is able to refresh, restore and rejuvenate the face while still acknowledging and keeping the natural beauty of the patient. Patients are seeking to restore volume loss, hollowness and even dark circles and under eye filler is typically the answer. 

Dr.Shahs unrelenting commitment to excellence and superior treatments like injecting with Volux will ensure his patients receive the best care. Dr.Shah is going to continue to set new presidents for the aesthetic industry and he will continue to push for new innovation and groundbreaking techniques and tools in the industry. His reputation for creating facial harmony and restoring patient’s confidence continues to be solidified. Dr.Shah not only transforms faces he transforms the way in which the industry looks at injectables.

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