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Why choose Dr. Shah for a necklift?

Dr. Anil Shah is distinguished in the field of facial plastic surgery, particularly for his innovative approach to necklift surgery, which he refers to as "anatomic restoration." As people age, the deeper structures of the neck and the floor of the mouth tend to descend, leading to visible signs of aging. Dr. Shah’s unique 5-layer necklift technique specifically targets these deeper structures rather than merely adjusting the superficial platysma muscle, which is commonly manipulated in traditional necklifts. This comprehensive approach ensures a more natural and lasting restoration of the neck and jawline. 

What is the 5- layer neck technique?

 The 5-layer neck technique was developed by Dr. Shah after extensive study of human anatomy and many hours working with anatomical cadavers. This method addresses not just the superficial layers but focuses on the deeper structures of the neck. Dr. Shah has published several landmark anatomical articles based on his research and innovations, which have significantly advanced the practice of necklifts. 

How did Dr. Shah develop the 5 - layer neck technique?

 Dr. Shah’s development of the 5-layer neck technique came from his dedication to understanding the fundamental aspects of anatomy. His approach is not about replicating existing techniques but about innovating new methods that provide superior, long-lasting results. This innovation is the product of countless hours of detailed anatomical study and practical experimentation. 

Does Dr. Shah address submandibular glands during the procedure?

Yes, when necessary, Dr. Shah addresses the submandibular glands using ultrasonic techniques. These techniques safely heat the gland, allowing it to fuse to itself, which minimizes swelling and reduces the potential for complications. This is part of his broader strategy of thorough anatomical restoration. 

Does Dr. Shah perform a deep plane lift?

Dr. Shah has conducted significant research on the platysma muscle, which many fail to recognize as a facial muscle that extends into the neck. Alongside Dr. David Rosenberg, he has studied how to best restore this muscle to its original position, incorporating these findings into his deep plane lifting techniques. 

How do patients heal after a necklift with Dr. Shah?

Most patients are able to return to work within 1 to 2 weeks post-operation, and they are typically event-ready within a month. Dr. Shah’s meticulous techniques and post-operative care ensure that recovery is as swift and comfortable as possible. 

Is Dr. Shah an expert in his field?

Absolutely. Dr. Shah has written numerous anatomical articles and has helped pioneer several new techniques in the realm of facial plastic surgery. He has invented a completely different method of performing necklifts, contributing significantly to the field. 

How does Dr. Shah approach problem - solving in surgery?

How does Dr. Shah approach problem-solving in surgery? Dr. Shah’s methodology is rooted in rigorous research and well-thought-out strategies, which he translates into predictable and effective results. He has studied the ideal locations for fixation during face and neck lifts and the proper methods for suture direction, applying this knowledge to enhance the effectiveness of his surgical techniques. 

How can I schedule a consultation with Dr. Shah?

How can I schedule a consultation with Dr. Shah? Patients interested in a necklift must first undergo a virtual consultation with Dr. Shah. During this consultation, Dr. Shah assesses the patient's needs and suitability for the procedure. This process ensures that every patient receives personalized care tailored to their specific anatomical requirements. 

How much does a necklift procedure cost with Dr. Shah?

How much does a necklift procedure cost with Dr. Shah? The cost of a necklift with Dr. Shah is determined during the virtual consultation and is based on the complexity of the procedure. Each quote is personalized, reflecting the tailored approach Dr. Shah takes with every patient. 

Does Dr. Shah offer other procedures?

Does Dr. Shah offer other procedures? Yes, Dr. Shah offers a comprehensive range of facial plastic surgery procedures. He discusses each patient’s overall aesthetic goals and how different procedures might best restore and rejuvenate their appearance, providing a holistic approach to facial aesthetics.

What is functional neck and face surgery?

What is functional neck and face surgery? Functional neck and face surgery with Dr. Shah involves the restoration of anatomy to improve the functional aspects of the neck and face, such as swallowing and snoring. This approach not only enhances the aesthetic appearance but also addresses functional impairments, offering a dual benefit to patients.


 Opting for a necklift with Dr. Shah means choosing a surgeon who combines deep anatomical knowledge with innovative surgical techniques to deliver both aesthetic and functional improvements. With over 4,000 lifts performed and a vast body of scholarly work, Dr. Shah stands out as a leader in the field of facial plastic surgery, providing his patients with exceptional care and transformative results.


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